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Radiant In-Floor Heat

Radiant heat systems pump heated water from a boiler through tubing laid in a pattern underneath the floor. With radiant heat, the floor becomes the warmest surface in the room, and keeps the heat low rather than on the ceiling. Radiant heat makes you feel comfortable at a lower thermostat setting and therefore, savings on your fuel bills.

Water Filtration

T.C.’s Plumbing and Heating, llc can enhance the quality and taste of your drinking water. Clean and quality water not only maintains the plumbing systems of your home but can extend the life of it.

UV systems, water filters and reverse osmosis systems are some of the services we provide to help improve the quality of your home and every day life.

Snow Melt Systems

A snow melt system can make a driveway and exterior walkways into a radiant heat source when the snow falls. It will eliminate ice buildup and the need for harmful deicing chemicals. It can eliminate the need for shoveling all together.